Want to know where to find pub jobs in Luton?

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Luton is a large town with plenty of pubs, clubs and bars. Establishments, such as these, require competent staff to keep the business running smoothly and it's no surprise that you can easily find pubs jobs in Luton.

One of the best places to search for pubs jobs in Luton is online recruitment agencies. The best sites have hundreds of positions listed in the hospitality sector. They include Total Jobs, Job is Job and Indeed.

To apply for any of the positions you come across on recruitment websites, you'll need to upload an up to date CV. By making this public, you put yourself in a position to be headhunted by employers, who use these sites when they're trying to fill vacancies.

You can also register for email alerts of new vacancies, which are extremely useful as many of these positions require people for an immediate start.

Local newspapers and radio stations are another excellent source of pub jobs in Luton. Monitor them carefully to be the first to hear of vacancies that need to be filled.

And taking a walk around the streets of Luton, with a bunch of CVs, looking for places with 'help wanted' signs displayed is highly recommended as it often yields results for job seekers.

Most pub jobs in Luton pay staff the minimum wage, but this can be easily augmented with over-time, which is readily available in the hospitality sector. Just remember, you'll often have to work unsociable hours when you're employed in this industry.



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