Psychology graduate recruitment schemes

Psychology graduate schemes are ideal for anyone who has just finished their degree in psychology and is looking to go straight into work without pursuing a master degree right away. They offer great career prospects for all applicants and a sure way to make use of your qualification, as well as a combination of education and training necessary for the workplace.

However, psychology graduate schemes are widely sought by other students. If you've just finished your degree you can imagine most other graduates will be applying as well, so you'll need to make sure you make a good impression from the very beginning to stand some chance of receiving an interview. Most schemes will only accept graduates with a 2:1 degree, although a 2:2 is accepted in some cases.

What Type of Graduate Psychology Schemes Are There?

Psychology graduate schemes cover the five main sectors of the psychology industry, so you may be able to find a position in:

  • Research (university professor)
  • Teaching (primary or secondary education)
  • Service provider (clinical psychology, occupational psychology, private psychologist .etc)
  • Managerial role (marketing manager)
  • Consultant (such as a human factor engineer)

Most psychology pathways do require a master degree, particularly clinical psychology, as you must be a registered psychologist. You'll need to complete another course of education before applying for clinical positions; you can work in teaching by obtaining a teacher training qualification, or take a one year post graduate teaching course.

Career Progression

Psychology graduate schemes fall into two areas of career progression. As above, you'll need a master degree and to be registered as a psychologist for some positions. The career pathways are normally split up as:

  1. Careers that require a GBC (Graduate Basis for Chartered Membership) to the British Psychological Society and a psychology degree. This includes specialisms, including health, clinical and forensic psychology.
  2. Jobs that do not require you to be a registered psychologist but a psychology degree is helpful, such as management roles, social work or occupational therapy.

What Salary Will I Receive?

This depends entirely on the type of psychology graduate scheme you take or the career path you choose. On average, most undergraduate psychologists receive £15,000 to £20,000 per annum, whilst psychologists with a postgraduate degree and GBC can receive anything from £25,000 to £40,000.

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