Prostitute Jobs Advertised on Government Website

We’re not sure that the Department for Work and Pensions had prostitution in mind when their website went online but they’ve allowed the “no experience necessary” advert to appear on Direct Gov.

The advert offers £10 an hour and was posted by an agency called Horny Escorts on a jobseeker’s website. The working hours are flexible and the only qualification required is “must like sex”. The rest of the advert said: “Female worker wanted to go out with guys maybe for evening or have full on sex.” The next section is not grammatically correct but it reads: “This would be better if you was single and be able to work at your own pace.” The advert ends: “Looks and race unimportant. You will need a mobile phone. No experience necessary.”

The post was added to the Universal Jobmatch section of Direct Gov by the manager of the firm which only has two workers but claims to have “the most gorgeous and sophisticated women and men in the UK.” The firm’s manager admitted that he was “shocked they allowed it” but confirmed that it’s genuine. “I put the advert up there because it’s a job site and it’s a job.” He added that work has slowed down which is why the advert was placed and told us that “I also do deliveries and I had posted an ad for a same-day delivery service and then I just put the escorting one underneath it.”

A spokesperson for the DWP admitted their mistake but didn’t confirm if the advert was read by anyone before it went online. “The post was inappropriate and was taken down the next day.” He confirmed that “When advertising jobs, employers have to agree to terms and conditions,” and added that “Where an inappropriate job is identified it is quickly removed.”

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