Pros and cons of homeschooling

Home schooling often sounds like a good idea when you consider the things you will be avoiding – rush hour traffic, potential problem children who disrupt your child’s learning and all the other issues that plague parents’ lives. To really work out what’s best you should put down a list of the pros and cons of homeschooling.
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Let’s start with the positives of homeschooling as these are the things that have got your considering this as a viable alternative to a school education.

  • You child will get far more attention while learning than they can get from a classroom with 30 other kids and one teacher.
  • You can focus your child’s development so they work at their own pace. This can also mean that any special interests can be worked on.
  • Removing a child from the school environment where social norms have to be adhered to can improve your child’s learning as they can concentrate on the subjects.
  • This type of learning offers more flexibility and you have more scope. Lessons can take place at different times of the day which could be ideal. Lessons are about the stars and the solar system for example could be done when the night time arrives. You can also teach your child from the garden or take them somewhere relevant to their studies, perhaps to a nature reserve or zoo if you’re using animals as a learning theme.
  • Remember being at home doesn’t mean that your child can’t take the GCSE exams as the government has made sure there are lots of opportunities for home learners (such as taking exams through distance learning providers or local colleges).


You have to be realistic. If you choose to take this on a parent, you’re asking for a lot of work and you will be stretching your capabilities as a teacher. But there are other disadvantages too.

  • Finding new and interesting ways of teaching a child is difficult, particularly if you haven’t had any formal training.
  • Spending all time together can be a bit much for some families as work and school are great ways to get out of the house and to get out of each other’s’ hair.
  • Homeschooling means that your child will miss out on vital socialising skills. If you choose to go this route, make sure that your kid is enrolled in lots of clubs and activity groups.
  • The other thing to consider is that homeschooling can put a financial strain on your family as one parent has to be at home at all times.

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