If a career in property management sounds up your street, you might want to check this out

With the financial problems caused by the 2008 recession meaning that less and less people are now able to find the capital to get themselves on the property ladder, an increasing number of people are starting to turn towards rentals, whether they be apartments, condos or houses. This is great news for anyone who wants to work in property management, since there are plenty of jobs becoming available in order to keep up with the rental demand.

In order to work in property management, you don't necessarily need an honours degree. Instead a proven background in management or business will suffice. If you do have a degree or HND, a subject such as business, management, mathematics or social sciences will certainly help you due to the high level of numeracy and analytical thinking required within this position.

As a property manager you will be responsible for a wide range of different things across the property or properties that you are in charge of. You will answer to the head of property management, but for the most part you will be left to get on with things yourself. This means that there is often quite a lot of pressure associated with this role.

You will be responsible for keeping up to date with all the latest property based legislation to ensure that you are in compliance with all new laws and regulations. You'll also be responsible for managing leases and issues arising with leases, so knowing how to read legal jargon is also going to be very important.

Day to day tasks include providing a top class level of service to all customers, from fixing their problems to bringing in external contractors to carry out regular maintenance and work on the building.

It is important that you are able to keep up to date with all the latest developments in the field, while also having a strong ability to communicate well both verbally and in written form.

Starting wage for these positions is usually around £22,000 per year, but this will very depending on the geographical area, and the kind of property you are managing.

While there are no specific online resources for you to find the latest property management jobs, the major online job sites usually carry quite a few vacancies at any given time, so we recommend you pay close attention to them. It is worth keeping in mind that calling into some of your local apartment buildings and commercial property management companies can also be a good way to search for positions.

In particular, we recommend you take a look at the vacancies on the following websites;

  • reed.co.uk
  • jobs.telegraph.co.uk
  • propertyjobs.co.uk
  • jobrapido.co.uk
  • armgroup.co.uk

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