What you can get from Property Jobs Direct

Property Jobs Direct or PJD (propertyjobsdirect.com) is one of the most trusted online job directories in the UK. You can search for jobs in categories such as Residential Sales or Lettings, Surveying, Mortgages, New Homes and Property Management. There are also categories for foreigners seeking jobs overseas, as well as those in the UK who wish to work abroad.

What Makes PJD Unique?

Instead of giving you a comprehensive list of job ads, this website first requires you to pick a category such as the ones listed above. If you pick overseas jobs for UK-based job seekers, for instance, you will be redirected to a page with a list of companies that offer such jobs.

Under the said category, you will find a list of world-renowned companies. One such ad features that of a property sales consultant with salary ranging from £40k to £44.9k.

Starting on Your Own

This unique category (propertyjobsdirect.com/job_search_startyourown.asp?nSector=8) from PJD features several companies that provide you with franchise opportunities for starting up your own letting agency. After all, some people simply work more effectively when they are on their own. Opportunities here can be taken advantage of even if you are keen on working from home.

If you think this is the type of Property Jobs Direct career that you are ready for, make sure you have at least £30k ready for spending at any moment. This does not include the franchiser’s requirements for working capital and other start-up costs. Ultimately, how much you’ll shell out will depend on the business plan you will be presenting and the intended size of your proposed agency.

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