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Promotions can be a fun and exciting way of making loads of money and meeting new people. One day you could be promoting orange juice whilst the next day you could be promoting and selling electricity services. The choices are endless with promotions. To find the best promotion jobs in Glasgow Scotland you should have a quick look online.

Job recruitment websites are bombarded with vacancies for both experienced and inexperienced promotions people. We suggest you visit simplyhired.co.uk and jobisjob.co.uk. You will find numerous different positions to apply directly to.

Keep in mind there are two different styles of promotions. One job type is promoting a new product for a well known company at events. This is usually a fun job where you will be paid an hourly rate of about £7. The second type of promotions job involves promoting a product and selling it to customers. This involves a lot of hard work but the rewards can be very high if you are good at your job. High commission rates apply for door to door sales.

To work in promotions you will need to have an excellent manner with the public as you will deal with them directly. A good promotions team member should possess the following characteristics:

  • Need to be self motivated
  • Driven by working to targets and deadlines
  • Experience with dealing with customers
  • Good organisational and planning skills
  • Possess effective interpersonal skills

If you think this is for you then it's time to find promotion jobs in Glasgow, Scotland. Log onto any of the websites mentioned above and start your search today

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