How to have a successful promotion interview

While most people love getting a job promotion, few enjoy the promotion interview. You don't know what it will entail, the questions you'll be asked or, in some instances, even what type of job promotion they might offer you.

That's why preparing for a promotion interview and anticipating what might be said will help you get through the interview and, hopefully, win you the job you really want.

Before The Interview

Solidify your goals - Before you have a promotion interview, you should have decided what your goals are and the types of job promotion that will help you get there. After all, there's no point accepting a new job, and then realising days later it's going to impede your career goals.

Write a list of achievements - Even if you're not allowed to present it in your job promotion interview, it's still good to have an idea yourself of how well you've done in your present job, as well as ways you could improve. If you can present the list to the person interviewing you however, do so.

Prepare questions - Be prepared with questions about possible new job duties and responsibilities, expectations, and even questions about a potential new boss.

During the Interview

Be confident - Obviously, if you're being given a promotion interview, your company feels you'd be a good choice for a job with more responsibility. Go into the interview feeling confident about yourself. You've earned it.

Take notes - If you're offered a promotion, deciding to accept it is a big decision. Make sure you listen carefully throughout the interview, and take notes about important points. That way, if you're offered a new job, you won't forget anything, and you can use this information to help you with your decision.

Don't dwell on salary - An interviewer may be offended if you keep banging on about the increased salary to the detriment of everything else. At the end of the interview, if it hasn't already been mentioned, politely ask about it. Once. Then move on to something else.

Play it cool - If you're offered your dream job, don't jump up and down and completely lose control. If you're offered a job you want, don't look devastated. Instead, play it cool, so the interviewer isn't too complacent or too shocked.

Ask for a couple of days to think about the job offer. Even if it's your dream job, there may be some aspects of it you don't like, and if a disappointment, you may be able to find out more about it that may change your mind.

Don't be afraid to turn a promotion down

Even though you may be flattered your boss thinks you're doing a good job, that doesn't mean you should be pushed into accepting a promotion you don't want.

If you feel the new job offer is too much work, not enough salary, or something you don't want to do, don't be afraid to turn it down if you can't work out a better deal satisfactory. If one job promotion interview has been extended to you, you can just about guarantee you'll eventually end up with another one. Don't settle for less just to make your boss happy.

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