Prison Officer jobs in the UK

There are a wide variety of jobs available in the prison service including healthcare, chaplaincy, managerial, support and administrative roles. Prison Officer jobs in the UK offer good salaries, decent benefits and a career for life. We’ll take you through the application process and tell you what to expect if you decide to take up the role.
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Where to look for work

To find out about any career in the prison service check out nomsjobs.com. This is the National Offender Management Service’s official site. There you’ll be able to search for the latest vacancies and make an application for work. You’ll also find out more about the demands of this type of work and the work that the NOMS organisation does.

Ministry of Justice

The official site for the Ministry of Justice 21.i-grasp.com is another source of work in this sector. You’ll also find work opportunities through civilservicejobs.service.gov.uk.


As with any other civil service work, you’ll be vetted before your application is accepted. To be considered for a role with the prison service you’ll need to be free from immigration control and have no time restrictions. You can’t be a member of an organisation that follows racist philosophy, aims, principles or policies. Lastly, you can’t be undischarged bankrupt.

Prison officer roles

The starting salary for a prison officer is £18,720. There is always extra work available at a higher rate of pay so you can boost your earnings in this type of work. Annual leave allowance is 5 weeks which rises to 6 weeks when you’ve completed 10 years’ service.


There are 2 pension schemes you can join, childcare vouchers are available and you can join the cycle to work scheme if you’re accepted as a prison officer. You’ll be entered into training programmes as part of the role. These include courses about preventing anti-social behaviour, suicide prevention and anti-bullying.

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