What to expect from print jobs abroad

Print jobs abroad typically offer the same salary range you can expect in the UK. They are mostly found in the IT and advertising industries, although jobs in printing can technically be a part of any company that has large printing needs. There are, however, firms that specialise in printing services. These firms typically print ads in various forms (such as vinyl, tarpaulin and billboards), as well as reading materials.


This site can give you an idea of where the best opportunities are. In this case, that would be Sydney. You can expect to get paid around $100k and up for senior positions in printing companies. Your job would mostly have to do with sales, though. Down under, other positions that are likely available will be those for production planners, customer service personnel, printing offsiders, operators for flat bed dye cutters, graphic designers, binders, maintenance managers and print buyers.

There are opportunities available as well that would allow you to work outside the office. You will still be working for a printing company, but your job will only have something indirectly to do with printing. Such jobs include working as a ‘general hand’ or as a fork lift driver.


Other examples of print jobs abroad would be those listed in the Canadian site Print Jobs. The easiest way to find work in a Canadian printing company is to apply as a customer service agent or press operator. You can also try working in sales and bindery. Salary ranges are not, however, available from this site.

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