Where to find the best free primary school teacher resources

One way of making your job as a primary school teacher just that little bit easier is to use free teaching resources. Buying primary school teacher resources can be expensive, which is why you should look at these places that offer free teaching material first.

Primary Resources (primaryresources.co.uk) - One of the best sites in the UK for primary school teachers, Primary Resources has a huge library of free primary school material you can use in any classroom. You'll find lesson plans, activities, work sheets, vocabulary sheets and more and they cover everything from English, Maths and Science to History, Geography and Art.

Don't miss their Interactive section too. They've got the cutest poems written, illustrated and read by students across the UK, as well as Maths and Science activities you can use on a computer in the classroom.

Teaching Ideas (teachingideas.co.uk) - If you're stuck for ideas in your primary school classroom, Teaching Ideas has lots of lesson ideas, worksheets, activities and other resources. Everything is free, and with subjects like Maths, Science, English, RE, PE, Geography, Art and History, you should be able to find something fun for every subject you teach.

Crickweb (crickweb.co.uk) Crickweb is the best place to go online for free interactive ideas your kids will love. There are games, quizzes, and activities for primary and elementary school teachers. You just need a computer to be able to use them.

Don't miss the BBC Domesday Reloaded website either. It's a library of more than 1 million photos taken across the UK 25 years ago, by Brits from all walks of life.

Your students will love seeing how we dressed then (remember, for kids, 25 years is like the Dark Ages), and the site has some wonderful lesson plans for use in primary history - bbc.co.uk/schools/primaryhistory/hands_on_history/domesday_reloaded/.


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