Looking for Primark vacancies?

When it comes to successfully applying for Primark vacancies, preparation is key. Here we take a look at the information you'll need to find and get a job at Primark.

The most common type of job opportunity at Primark is that of sales assistant, and its these vacancies that we will be focusing on here.

How to find Primark vacancies

Primark don't usually advertise their vacancies online or in the print media. Instead, you'll find information about their latest vacancies in store. Vacancies are often advertised in the window - but even if there's no sign up, it's worth asking in store about opportunities. Head to the customer service desk to see if they can give you an application form. Do remember - avoid Saturday afternoons of possible, when the store is likely to be hectic and the staff may not have time to help with your inquiries.

What Primark are looking for in its staff

Primark jobs are usually entry level, which means that you won't need any retail or customer service experience to get the job. However, having some experience will definitely put you ahead of the competition. You should be passionate about good customer service, have a good knowledge of the Primark brand and possibly money handling experience.

The selection process

You normally submit your application form in store - in most cases, through the customer services desk. If Primark would like to take your application to the next phase, you will be offered an interview. This interview is fairly casual in nature, but you should come dressed professionally.

Primark interview questions

Some of the frequently asked questions for Primark sales assistant vacancies include:

  • Tell me a bit about yourself.
  • Why have you applied for this job?
  • What do you consider good customer service to be?
  • What do you know about Primark?
  • Tell me about a time you worked as part of a team.
  • Tell me how you would deal with a customer complaint.

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