Primark management salaries outlined

Primark is a growing business that’s already found on just about every high street corner in Britain and Ireland. There stores across the world, most of them in the UK. The largest Primark store in the world is found on Market Street in Manchester, but they also have huge stores in London and other major UK cities. Primark management salaries are said to be competitive with other major retailers so where can you find a list of vacancies?

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You’ll find a complete list of job vacancies for Primark at primark.com. The firm’s official site works like a lot of employment sites do with great search functions that allow you to narrow down the long list of retail positions to jobs within travelling distance of your home. You can also specify the job you’re after and whether you’re interested in full or part-time work.

Search agent

On primark.com you can set up a search agent that allows you to create a profile. This part of the site also allows you to access more detailed job seeker tools like the job basket where you can store roles you’re interested in, and you can upload your CV from this part of the site. Ultimately, you’ll need to access search agent to apply for jobs so this is a short application process that’s worth going through with.

Other places to look

We’d recommend that you check out the firm’s official site to begin with but if that gives you no joy, why not look at recruitment sites like indeed.co.uk? They list a selection of jobs like merchandising positions, retail assistant roles and Primark management roles.

Primark management salaries

Unfortunately the firm’s official site doesn’t list Primark management salaries or the wages attached to any jobs with the firm. But a recent independent report which can be found at glassdoor.com shows that supervisors earn around £15,000 per annum and department managers earn an average of £28,000. Store managers can expect between £48,000 and £52,000.

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