Find yourself a great Primark employment opportunity

Have you ever given any thought to pursuing a Primark employment opportunity? If not, you might be surprised to learn just how versatile they can be, as well as finding out just how many different positions and roles are available within the company. With stores all across the United Kingdom, Spain and Ireland (where the company trades under the name Pennys), Primark is one of the major affordable clothing retailers in Europe.

No matter what your previous work experience or level of education, there's always something there for you at Primark, and as the company are known to promote from within, you can be sure that you'll be able to work your way up the job ladder from whichever position you start. Not only does this give staff the impetus to work hard, but it also shows that the company is forward thinking and prepared to trust their existing staff to deliver the very best ideas and suggestions.

There are two main knds of work available with Primark; retail and management. In the retail side of the business you can find jobs including cashier, stockist, warehouse operative, driver, in store display technician and much more. These positions start at around £5.16 per hour, but can increase as high as £14.40 over time, and depending on the level of experience you bring to the job.

For more management based behind the scenes work, there are positions suitable for people with degrees in business, economics, logistics, computer science, network engineering, design, art and the sciences, as well as much more which just goes to show how flexible Primark are as a company.

For more information on working with Primark you can check out www.primark.co.uk.

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