Quick guide - preschool websites for teachers

Why use preschool websites for teachers?

Web based learning offers a multi-sensorial approach in one convenient 'package' at little to no cost. You can't easily find this anywhere else. Here is what you get:

  1. Educational games and videos for kids
  2. Printable activity sheets
  3. Lesson plans
  4. Forms, assessments, etc.
  5. Links to other resources
  6. Articles to read
  7. Newsletters for teachers
  8. Getting to know other teachers

The interactive nature of the web adds a livelier nature to learning and takes the bore away. Learning essentially becomes a form of play. When you enjoy yourself, you are learning, whether you know it or not.

You can run applications like games and videos in addition to printing out activities to do, all through the same site. Of course, everyone becomes more web and computer savvy.

Go to pbs.org/teachers/classroom/prek

You can go by the subject or by the character. Kids are used to these characters because they watch the series on television. Some of these are Curious George, Clifford, Super Why and WordGirl. You will find online games, lesson plans and so one for each series.

Go to everythingpreschool.com

You can go by the theme, lesson plan, (printable) colouring pages and craft recipes. There are even bulletin boards where you can participate and share ideas with other teachers.

Go to IXL.com

This is an online tuition portal for preschool and beyond. The exercises are meant for independent learners as even those who can't read yet can listen by clicking on the audio icon. Try out the service for yourself and see how learning is made simple and fun here.


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