Quick guide - preschool educational websites

What are preschool educational websites?

For preschoolers

These are sites geared primarily for preschoolers. Resources such as applications and printables are categorised by the subject or theme. Common subjects are:

  • Letter (of the alphabet) writing
  • Connecting by the dot, number or letter
  • Nursery rhymes
  • Tracing pictures

These printables are usually free to print. In some cases, a paid membership is required to access them. Applications come in the form of:

  • Educational games
  • Video lessons

For teachers

Some sites come with resources for teachers such as lesson plans, teaching tips and guides. There may also be teaching tools like report cards, attendance forms, template letters and so on.

What are the benefits?

Doing both online (applications) and offline (printouts) activities breaks the monotony and provides a multi-sensorial learning approach. Using these resources to supplement existing classroom materials enhances the pupil's learning. The cost is low but the benefits are enormous.

Preschool sites to go to

  • Fisher-price.com/fp.aspx?st=30e=gameslanding
  • Underfives.co.uk
  • Time4learning.com

Fisher-Price and Underfives are free to access. Time4learning offers a complete homeschool curriculum with a subscription based monthly membership on a per child basis. There is a two-week money back guarantee and you are free to cancel at any time.

Why subscribe to a preschool site?

By paying a monthly subscription, you can access more tools like online record keeping, assessment scheduling, assignment tracking and so on. Your work becomes automated and progress tracking is made easy. If you would like a hard copy, simply click to print.


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