Preparing a CV for office juniors vacancies

Office juniors Vacancies actually cover a huge range of industries, so it can be difficult to write a 'one size fits all' CV. But here are a few general tips that apply to all office junior jobs. Use that to write or improve your own CV and tailor it to the specific job you are applying for.

  • Keep it organised! Organisational skills are vital for office junior jobs. Make sure your CV is clearly and logically laid out, with subheadings and bullet points where needed. It should not look crammed or hastily put together.
  • Focus on your transferable skills. It's likely that each company will have a different way of operating and different administrative processes. Transferable skills are therefore easier to sell than specific experience in office jobs.
  • But be careful not too stray too far from traditional layouts. It's best to use reverse chronological listings for employment (i.e. your most recent job first).
  • Include any training that you may have taken (such as word processing or payroll). These are the sort of details that can make you stand out from the competition.
  • Don't include irrelevant information like hobbies or your part time job waiting tables. It's easy to lose focus in an office junior CV and this will make you look less professional. Make every point on your CV relate to the office job you are applying for.
  • If the employer asks for certain skills or qualities in the job specification, include the same phrases in your CV or cover letter.


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