Thinking of applying for PR jobs abroad?

Are you mulling a big change in scenery by pursuing a new life abroad? The good news is that if you have a background in PR then you have a set of extremely easily transferrable skills that will enable you to get a job anywhere. Finding PR jobs abroad isn't difficult if you know where to look and we are on hand to show you all the hottest places to apply, so lets check them out.

The Public Relations industry has really exploded over the last few years as companies continue to try and foster a positive image of themselves among the public. Dedicated job sites for the industry have started to recently appear, and one we suggest you should check out with an eye on getting yourself a PR job abroad is PR Week Jobs, and their international jobs section at prweekjobs.co.uk/jobs/international. This site is one of the most well-regarded industry job sites, and is a veritable treasure trove of info and job postings.

While our next suggestion isn't strictly focused on the Public Relations sector, it is still a fantastic option for finding a job abroad. Simply point your browser at globalchoices.co.uk to find a site that offers a huge range of working abroad options. All you have to do is search for public relations jobs and all the best openings should pop up straight away.

Another fantastic option for you is to check out the Guardian site and their impressive international jobs section at jobs.guardian.co.uk/jobs/international. The Guardian site is brilliant for finding professional jobs, and their international section is no exception. Well worth a gander!

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