Police Recruitment in Canada during 2011

Police recruitment in Canada during 2011 has more limited opportunities for UK recruits to join the Canadian police force than in previous years. Due to an influx of international applications and an increase of Canadian applications, many Canadian police departments have suspended their formal international application program.

Vancouver Police Service - The Vancouver police department welcomes international applicants but requires that Canadian residency be approved before applying for the service. The department warns that the backgrounding process requires detailed checks with family, friends and neighbours. The service notes that the background requirements may be more difficult for applicants to meet if they have lived outside of Canada for much of their life.

Toronto Police Service - The Toronto police service states that "media misinformation" has contributed to unrealistic expectations by jobseekers and notes that the service has no influence or involvement with the Canadian immigration department. However, the service continues to accept international applications. Interested UK applicants can contact a recruiter at 00 1 416 808 5646.

Edmonton Police Service - The Edmonton police service no longer sponsors international applicants to get their green card. Instead, applicants must apply for Canadian residency on their own initiative, and CV's will not be accepted from applicants who have not achieved residency status. International applicants are also required to apply to the International Qualifications Assessment Service to receive a certificate verifying their educational qualifications meet the minimum level required (Canadian grade 12).

Calgary Police Service - The Calgary Police Service previously conducted heavy recruitment drives for UK police officers during 2008 and 2009. However, the service has now seen an increase of Canadian applicants and has suspended the international application program. Interested UK applicants can still send a CV for consideration by the service.

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