Police officer jobs in Belfast warrant investigation

Belfast is the capital and largest city in Northern Ireland. The Police Service of Northern Ireland (PSNI) employs approximately 7,500 full-time regular police officers. Police officer jobs in Belfast can offer you an exciting and challenging career with a competitive reward package and opportunities for developement.

An independent professional recruitment agency called Deloitte MCS Limited operates the police service recruitment process. The agency operates the website www.joinpsni.co.uk. Deloitte respects each visitor to this website and each PSNI applicant's reasonable expectation that their personal information should be treated as sensitive and should be dealt with securely.

There are no formal qualification requirements for student officers. However applicants must meet nationality and age criteria. They must also meet medical criteria and ensure that they do not have a conviction that will exclude them.

The PSNI jobs page provides details of current police vacancies and other recruitment information and services.

If you join the PSNI you will be joining as a trainee police constable. Six months is spent training at the police college to ensure that you are equipped with the necessary skills. Subsequent employment as a police officer is considered probationary for a period of two years.

The operational requirements mean that police officers in Belfast are needed to work shifts and overtime, and may be required to work during seasonal holiday periods and bank holidays.

In Northern Ireland, police officers are trained to use and carry a firearm whilst on duty. They have an obligation to maintain their knowledge and skills, so need to undertake frequent training.

Having achieved your ambition to become a PSNI constable inevitably you will be keen to have a long and progressive career. Police officer jobs in Belfast require a high level of commitment, dedication and discipline. The PSNI has many and varied career paths and there may be opportunities for you to gain promotion if you wish.

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