Are you interested in applying for police jobs in Canada?

Are you a qualified police officer looking for something a little different for your next career move? If you have any interest in spreading your wings and checking out police jobs in different countries, then let us help you out as we show you how to go about applying for police jobs in Canada.

The Canadian Police force is constantly on the lookout for bright new recruits, and the government have launched a number of initiatives aimed at luring qualified British "bobbies" over to the great White North. Applying for any available police jobs in Canada is completely open to you as a British police officer, and you will be judged at exactly the same level as any other candidate for the job.

To get an idea of the different police forces around the country, and whether they are looking for recruits at the moment, simply check out the Canadian Police Service site at canadianpoliceservices.com. this site will advise you on all the steps you will need to take to get your application in to join the Canadian Police force.

Unfortunately, your options as a non-Canadian will be limited to simply joining the provincial police, you won't be able to job the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, but this doesn't restrict your options too much, as the majority of police forces around the country are provincial in nature.

Right now, the two police forces that have the most need for staff are the Calgary Police Force and the Edmonton Police Force, so these two are the two we would recommend checking out to get yourself a job working as police in Canada.

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