Graduate Police Careers

A career in the police force can be extremely challenging and hugely rewarding. So if you are a university graduate that is looking for an opportunity to prove your potential then you should consider applying to the police service graduate recruitment scheme. This is a fast track graduate scheme which simplifies police recruitment and provides long term benefit to the police force. Find out more about police careers right here:

In recent years, jobs in the police force have decreased in popularity particularly amongst university graduates, especially in comparison to jobs in medicine, law and the army. As a result the police recruitment system has been forced to make some changes, and the police force graduate scheme has had to become more attractive to a graduate who is looking to meet typical graduate expectations.

The police recruit at the countries top universities and are often at careers fairs where they are happy to discuss what can be expected from the police fast track graduate scheme as potential applicants will want to be fully aware of what is offered and what the private sector provides.

A typical police graduate scheme offers two years of intense training which will be followed by rapid promotion as long as the candidate meets the required grade.  The police force is committed to advancing and improving its leadership reputation and for that reason the graduate opportunities are often difficult to obtain, with only the best candidates securing a place.

So if you are a university graduate and think you have what it takes to make it in the police force then start applying now! Good luck!

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