How to start a police career

A police career is something that many people consider and there are two ways of getting in there. The question that you have to ask yourself is would you like to volunteer for a few years first or go straight for it?

Go in as a Special Constable

If you aren’t too sure about a police career at first, it’s worth taking the time to volunteer as a special constable. This is something that you can do around your current lifestyle, whether you are studying or have a full-time job. As a Special Constable, you will have all the powers of a police office.

You will be asked to work four hours a week – you can do more if you want. These four hours will be on a day suitable for you, whether you need to do it on a Sunday morning or a weekday evening. If you do 145 sets of four hours in one year, you will gain £1,500 as a bonus.

Go in as a Police Officer

If you know that a police career is definitely something that you want, then it is worth applying right away. You will need to look in your local area for when the recruitment stages are – not all areas will be able to take on more staff but there is usually one recruitment session a year.

The problem with going straight in as a police officer is that you’re not guaranteed to work for your local force; you may need to relocate. This is something to think about when you do start the application process. You will also need to remember that you will work shifts, which will mean early mornings, evenings and even night shifts.

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