Where to find Poland jobs online

If you are aiming for Poland jobs, keep in mind that it is not easy even for the locals to get employed there. According to prospects.ac.uk, graduates of the country’s top universities are often forced to start with part-time or temporary work. This is even more startling, considering how most graduates have master’s degrees. Accountancy, banking and finance are also the most difficult to break into, which is why most graduates start working in restaurants and pubs since these offer better pay.

Suffice to say, if you wish to work in Poland, the first order in business is to polish – no pun intended – your Polish-speaking skills.


This is one of the few UK websites that publish job listings for Poland. Some of the ads, however, are written in Polish, so if you haven’t yet brushed up your skills on the language, you better do so now. Most job listings have negotiable salaries and available only if you have been invited for an interview. Most vacancies are in IT, including the likes of an MS SharePoint administrator, network specialists, scrum master and a C++ application developer.


If you want a job that will hone your fluency in Polish before you fly out, check out the listings available at Top Language. Poland jobs available here are mostly in customer service, sales and marketing. One example is that of a CS specialist for White Concierge, where you can expect to be paid approximately £15k with the addition of benefits like life assurance and pension, as well as a generous shift allowance.

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