POEA Jobs in Canada

Residents of the Phillipines who are interested in working internationally can benefit from the services of the POEA, a government run organisation that works to assist migrant workers in their search for employment. Through this service jobseekers can find POEA jobs in Canada and throughout the world.

The primary role of the POEA is to develop and sustain the overseas employment program of the Phillipines. What this means for workers is that they can obtain information on jobs, employment rights, visas etc. through this organisation.

A key element of the service provided by the POEA is that jobs in Canada and elsewhere which are recommended by them can be deemed to be reputable and government approved. Companies and recruitment agencies offering POEA jobs in Canada must be in good standing with the organisation. This provides applicants in the Phillipines with a good measure of security when applying for these jobs.

Additionally the POEA actively works to protect the rights of their migrant workers and to obtain the best employment terms possible for them. Therefore POEA jobs in Canada and around the world are excellent opportunities for migrant workers.


Job Opportunities

Those who obtain POEA jobs in Canada can expect to find employment in a range of disciplines. For example, positions are available in the construction industry and also in engineering. Other opportunities include the healthcare sector as there are many roles available for qualified heathcare professionals. Additionally job vacancies can be found in the hospitality industry, with positions available for suitable candidates in hotels and restaurants in Canada.

Those who are interested in POEA jobs in Canada are advised to visit the POEA site at http://www.poea.gov.ph/default.htm.

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