We can help you find the perfect Plymouth retail job for your needs

With the retail industry still employing more people in the Plymouth area than any other, your best chance of finding a great job is to take a look at some of the major retail outlets in the surrounding areas. Even if you're only looking for something part time or temporary to keep you going until you can find a position in your chosen field of expertise, you'll have a much better chance of success by following these helpful tips than you would otherwise.

Our first tip might be a little bit controversial, but we feel it's among the best advice you could get right now. You need to stop relying on online job search websites. Not only are they full to the brim with thousands of users all searching for whatever kind of work they can possibly find, but the positions listed on them are often filled before they even make it online.

Instead, you're much better off spending enough time to ensure that your CV is the best it can possibly be (we recommend a website called cvwriting.net for any help you might need in this regard) and identifying the businesses and areas where you might have the best chance of success.

In particular you should focus your attention on retail parks and shopping centres in your local area. We recommend Drake Circus Shopping Centre and The Armada Centre as the two best choices when it comes to a finding Plymouth retail job.

Simply pop into these shopping centres one day when you have a bit of spare time and take a look around at the various stores within them. When you see one that you might like to work in, head in and ask to speak to the manager if they are available. Explain that you are searching for a retail position and offer them your CV, this allows you to build a personal relationship which will mean that you're much more than just name on a piece of paper, giving you the best possible chance of success in your job hunt.

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