How can you go about getting plumbing training?

If you are on the hunt for a brand new career for yourself and you are plumbing the depths of frustration, then we have an idea for you for a career in an industry that is constantly growing, and that is the plumbing industry! In this blog we are going to help ease you into this industry as we show you where to look for plumbing training.

Unlike some other trades, there has never really been a drop off in the demand for plumbers around the UK. People will always need plumbers to fix ongoing problems with their pipes more than carpenters or electricians will be needed, so the work is available. A brilliant starting point for information on plumbing training is PPL and their site at ppltraining.co.uk. PPL are one of the biggest learning institutions for trades in the UK, and their site is a goldmine of information on the qualifications needed, and places in the UK that offer them.

A site that offers to fast track your plumbing training without skimping on the level of tuition you will receive is Plumbing Career at plumbingcareer.co.uk. This site shows you information on where you can become a fully accredited plumber in just six months, meaning less time spent learning your trade and more time earning from your trade.

Finally, one of the biggest training organisations in Europe has opened its doors in the UK, and they are BTSC. You can check them out online at btsc.co.uk. They are well worth a look for anyone looking to further their plumbing prospects.


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