How to find plumbing jobs in Western Australia

If you are interested in plumbing jobs in Western Australia, one of the first things that you should consider is the sheer size of the state. Western Australia occupies a third of the total landmass of the continent, and is larger than most European countries. It's therefore important that you narrow down your job search to include only the areas that you want to live and work in.

Here is a basic guide to some of the locations in Western Australia that you can find plumbing jobs:

Perth - Perth is the capital and largest city in Western Australia. With a population of over one million, there are plenty of opportunities available for qualified plumbers. British trades and qualifications are readily accepted because of the high number of British ex pats living and working in Perth. On a more general note, Perth has a sunny climate, gorgeous white sand beaches and a great outdoors lifestyle.

Bunbury - Bunbury is the other main centre of population in Australia's south west. There is a good range of opportunities for plumbers, and, given that the city is expanding at a steady rate, there are likely to be more in the future. Bunbury has more of a blue collar feeling than Perth, and the cost of living tends to be lower.

The Pilbara and the Outback - If you live in Western Australia, you will be affected by the massive mining industry in some way. Plumbing jobs in the mines are exceptionally well paid, although they do require you to work in remote areas for long periods of time.

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