Plumbing jobs in Europe: tips

Plumbers are the doctors of your house. No matter what goes through the pipes, water, gas, or air, if something goes wrong, you need a plumber. Plumbing jobs in Europe are available for highly qualified personnel, as well as for individuals that have just finished one of the plumbing courses and are looking for plumbing jobs.

Plumbing Jobs: Industries

Any industry that involves pipes is able to offer plumbing jobs. Water installation, gas installation, air ducts and steam pipe installation are the main categories in which a plumber can find work. Gas plumbers are best appreciated in Eastern Europe as a lot of new pipes are currently being installed there. Water plumbers are also incredibly appreciated in Western Europe where some old water systems are starting to crack and plumbers are in high demand.

Plumber Jobs: Recruiters

The recruiting agencies in UK that offer good plumbing positions are: New Staff Employment Services, Trade Skills Academy, Personnel Plus Ltd., Venator Recruitment Limited, Randstand CPE, Coyle Personnel. Jobs are offered all over Europe. For UK citizens the best jobs are in Western Europe, but many times companies that invest in Eastern Europe bring their own specialists to those countries. If you require more information about the available plumber jobs you can also check the following websites: indeed.co.uk, jobrapido.co.uk and jobisjob.co.uk. Plumbingagent.com is a private site for members only where you can place your CV and you will get alerts on the jobs you are interested in.

Plumber Jobs: Salary Expectations

Plumber jobs in Europe are paid differently in each country. A qualified plumber with at least three years of experience in pipefitting will be paid with an average of €15 to 20 per hour in Western Europe (UK, France, Germany, etc.). If you are interested in fitting gas pipes or steam pipes you will get paid between €13 to €25 per hour. Although they are paid by the hour, plumber jobs are rarely part time jobs. They need to be paid hourly as plumbing involves a lot of meticulous work that take a lot of time. Plumbing jobs in Europe often include lodging for successful candidates.


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