Plumbing Jobs in Australia

The job seekers market is a tricky place at the moment in Australia. Even though the country hasn't been hit quite as hard by the global recession as many throughout the world, things are still a long way away from the level they were even a few short years ago.

That doesn't necessarily apply to all jobs however, especially plumbing jobs for Australia citizens, as a quick glance at any of the major employment websites will tell you.

SEEK.com.au, MyCareer.com.au, CareerJet.com.au and Jobs.com.au all carry large numbers of listings for plumbing jobs, both locally and nationwide, and they each offer highly customisable search parameters to enable you to narrow down your options to those that best suit not only your experience, but your salary expectations and geographical location.

Many of the jobs offered are for large or medium sized property management companies. With these types of jobs, you would likely be required to perform repairs and maintenance of the plumbing systems within entire estates, apartment buildings or blocks of flats meaning that you'll be kept busy most of the time. It's worth noting however, that these jobs usually require quite a lot of paperwork, and a good deal of experience within the field, with a high focus on your ability to work well of your own accord and build strong interpersonal relationships with the people whose homes you will be servicing.

There is currently a shortage of workers in the role of Plumbing Engineering Associate in Australia, to the extent that the immigration bureau have placed it as a high ranking profession on their list of jobs for potential immigrants - so you'll really be maximising your chances of work if you are qualified in that particular job!

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