UK plumbing courses: prices and information

It always pays to expand your repertoire of work abilities on a continual basis - the more skills and saleable talents you have the more attractive a proposition you're going to be to employers. This can even extend as far as completely changing your focus from one thing to another. Forget what they say about old dogs not being able to learn new tricks, as long as you're interested you'll be able to pick up new skills no matter how old you are!

Today we're going to look at some information about UK plumbing courses including prices, course content, availability and location. If you've searched for similar courses before, you'll notice that the most common qualification available from these courses within the UK is City & Guilds, but our primary focus will be on introductory courses for now.

Able Skills is an organisation that is fully accredited and approved to offer top notch qualification training from a range of groups including City & Guilds, Construction Awards Alliance, CITY, NICEI, BPEC for Renewable Technologies and EAL.

For our money, they should be your first stop whenever you have decided that you'd like to learn a new skill. Their instructors are all excellent, possessing top class working knowledge of their chosen subject. Most importantly they offer students dedicated work areas, rather than having spaces shared between different courses like you would find in many other training companies of this sort.

Of course, the above ensures that Able Skills is a little more expensive than some of its competition, but at least you know that you'll be getting a really high level of education.

When it comes to plumbing courses, they offer a wide range of options including City & Guilds 6189 Level 2, City & Guilds 6189 Level 3, City & Guilds 5218 Unit Accreditation, Able Skills 5 Day Intensive Plumbing Course, Bathroom Installation, Unvented Hot Water Systems, Water Regulations, Energy Efficiency and Solar Thermal.

Courses are held at Able Skills Construction Training Centre which is based in Dartford, Kent from Monday to Friday, or at weekends depending on availability, and course times are 8.30am to 4.30pm each day. For more information call Able Skills now on 0808 100 3245.

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