Start an exciting and rewarding career with plumbing courses in Nottingham

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Anyone wishing to become a plumber will need to learn the trade. If you are a school leaver, the best route to becoming a plumber is to get hired by a plumbing firm, do your apprenticeship and get the relevant certification. There are a number of institutions offering plumbing courses in Nottingham to get you certified.

Major and reputable plumbing firms in the Nottingham area include Frank Webb Ltd. and M.D.B. Plumbing. Candidates can get contact details from these firms websites.

If you're lucky enough to be taken on as an apprentice plumber, you'll learn about the installation and maintenance of plumbing systems and components. You'll also take a certificate in basic plumbing skills, which involves attending a college about once a week.

Alternatively, you can apply directly to trade schools for a full time course. Schools offering a job placement program are best. You do not want to find yourself in a position where you graduate and have no employment lined up.

New College Nottingham offer both full and part time courses and an apprenticeship programme in plumbing. Castle College Nottingham offers part time courses which are run on evenings and weekends.

Individuals could also consider attending an intensive plumbing course. Usually no qualifications are required to start and courses range from six weeks to 2 or 3 months. The courses normally cost around £4000 and you can find accredited providers online.

The average plumbing salary in the UK is £25,000 per annum. Opportunities for advancement in the plumbing industry include supervisory positions. Committing to plumbing courses in Nottingham can have great rewards. You can work for yourself or even start your own business.

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