Plumbing courses in Liverpool

If you are a school leaver, the best route to becoming a plumber is to get taken on by a plumber, do your apprenticeship and get the relevant certification. There are a number of institutions offering plumbing courses in Liverpool to get you certified.

Liverpool Community College offers the Plumbing Level 2 Technical Certificate & NVQ2. You must be employed in the plumbing industry to take the course. The course runs 36 weeks per year and takes two years to complete. The college also runs the Level 3 Certificate which takes a further two years to complete.

Plumbing courses are also run in Wirral Metropolitan College and have a similar structure to those running at Liverpool Community College. It is best to look into what these colleges can offer you exactly in terms of training, and you can find all the information on their websites.

In brief, you'll learn about the installation and maintenance of plumbing systems and components, starting with basic plumbing skills, covering safety, cold and hot water systems, sanitation and central heating.

Almost anyone can enrol on an intensive plumbing course as there are no formal entry requirements other than a willingness to learn your chosen profession.

Approximate time to complete a course varies, but if you are thinking of becoming a qualified plumber you will want to chose the City & Guilds 6129 plumbing course and this can last from six to eight weeks, depending on your course provider. OLCI Construction Training and Career Skills are two of the many businesses offering intensive plumbing courses in Liverpool.


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