We look at some of the plumbing courses available in Glasgow right now

With the country's economic future still looking uncertain, more and more people are taking their future into their own hands by signing up for a number of different courses in order to learn the skills necessary to ensure that they land on their feet when things improve. Even if things turn out to be worse than expected, learning new skills can offer you the possibility of emigrating abroad in order to ply your new trade further afield where things haven't proven to be quite as bad.

When it comes to deciding what course is for you, we strongly recommend that you give serious consideration to plumbing if you have ever shown even the slightest bit of interest in the field before. Plumbers are highly skilled and form an integral part of any country's development plans. Without experienced plumbers housing developments would prove to be impossible, making plumbers a much sought after commodity in boom times.

There are a wide variety of great plumbing courses available in Glasgow right now, with timetables and schedules to suit everyone's needs. Both Cardonald College and North Glasgow College have by far the best reputation in the area for training plumbers to the very highest standards.

Cardonald, whose website can be found at cardonald.ac.uk, offer a wide range of courses including BPEC Solar Installer Course for Plumbers & Heating Engineers, Lead Roofwork for Plumbers, Water Heating Appliances and Water Byelaws.

While North Glasgow College, northglasgowcollege.ac.uk, offer a number of vocational courses including City Guilds Plumbing NVQ Level 2 and 3 and NVQ Performing Operations in Plumbing.

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