Earn Up to £100,000 Per Year As a Plumber

According to the Institute of Plumbers there are over 30,000 unfilled vacancies for plumbers and this figure is growing quickly. Not only that, but the British Plumbing Employer's Council predicts that 29,000 new plumbers will be required over the next 5 years.

The average age of plumbers is also relatively high which means that more are leaving the industry than joining it. Colleges are estimated to offer about 3,000 trainee vacancies per year with only half of those actually continue work as plumbers.

Without much prior knowledge, no special talents and little cost to start learning you can go on to create huge streams of income — over £50,000 a Year — after you graduate.

Some plumbers are even quietly earning up to £100,000 per year and often only working 2 - 4 days per week.

Most plumbing courses offer flexible learning, which means that you are in control of the plumbing course and when you finish, most will support you in finding a plumbing job and later becoming a self-employed plumber.

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