The best sites offering plumber recruitment options

Are you a bit of a handyman looking for a change in pace in your career? Right now, there is a huge demand for plumbers all around the UK that needs filling. Plumbing jobs are a fantastic money maker, and it relatively easy to get yourself trained up to standard! In this blog, we are going to check out your plumber recruitment options so we can get you into one of these rewarding jobs!

With the London Olympics looming, as well as the huge number of urban regeneration projects taking place around the UK, there is a huge demand for plumbing professionals right now, and salaries are rising! We recommend checking out the Plumbing Jobs Online site at plumbingjobsonline.co.uk. This site is the industry site where openings get posted first. It offers everything from freelance plumbing positions to short term and long term positions. It is a fantastic starting point for your plumbing job hunt.

A lot of people may not even realise this, but there are a huge range of plumbing jobs available in the Oil Industry in the UK. Most of these jobs are centred around Scotland and on North Sea Oil Rigs, and to check out what is currently on offer, we recommend pointing your browser towards oilcareers.com. This site has the full list of oil plumbing jobs, and the fantastic salaries they bring!

A fantastic final site that offers a general overview of plumbing jobs in the UK is ukjobsnet.com. Simply put in plumbing as your chosen profession to see all of the huge number of jobs that are available to you.

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