Looking for plumber jobs in Nottingham?

In a large city such as Nottingham, there are always employment opportunities for qualified tradesmen. Plumber jobs in Nottingham are available across the city, and can be easily found in a few minutes online.

Job search websites are the best way of finding out what plumber jobs are available in Nottingham. Sites like Total Jobs, Job is Job and Indeed will give you access to the vast majority of vacancies in the city. And all you need to do to apply for any of the vacancies they have listed is upload a CV on the website.

Employers and recruitment agencies regularly use these sites when they're trying to fill vacancies, so having a professional looking CV on the jobs site is a great way of letting them know you're looking for employment. You can also register for email alerts of new vacancies that become available, and give yourself the edge on fellow job seekers.

The standard qualification for plumbers is a Level 3 NVQ. This can be obtained by completing a 4 year apprenticeship with an approved plumber. Apprenticeships in plumbing consist of work experience and classroom modules, where you'll learn the basics of installation and maintenance of plumbing systems.

There are many plumbing companies in Nottingham and it'll do you no harm to contact them directly for a job. Tag Plumbing, MV Plumbing & Heating and Gothic Plumbing are a few of the companies who'll be happy to receive your CV.

The average wage for apprentice plumbers is around £170 a week, but once you're qualified, the sky's the limit on your potential earnings.


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