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Cardonald College in Glasgow has one of the largest Plumbing and Gas training sectors in Scotland and has been producing first class plumbers for over thirty years. Cardonald College also boasts a fantastic relationship with the plumbing contracting industry and the Scottish and Northern Ireland Plumbing Employers Federation (SNIPEF).

All the staff at Cardonald College have first-hand industrial experience and are up to date with all of the latest developments in the plumbing industry. So, if you are thinking about improving your career prospcts, then find out everything you need to know about taking plumber courses in Glasgow right here:

Plumbing Modern Apprenticeship – SQV Level 3 - This course is taught at Cardonald College's brand new £8.5 million Skills Centre at Cardonald College's main campus in Glasgow. The entry requirements for this course stipulate that candidates must be employed as an apprentice plumber prior to becoming enrolled at the college. For more information on entry requirements please contact the Scottish and Northern Ireland Plumbing Employers Federation.

Having completed this plumbing course there are a number of progression routes available for successful candidates. These include HNC construction Practice, Construction Management Building and Architectural Technology or Building Services.

So, if you are living in Glasgow and thinking about becoming a qualified plumber then there is no better place for you to hone you skills than Cardonald College. For more information about enrolling then please visit http://www.cardonald.ac.uk/courses/show/59 and take the next step towards a lucrative career in the plumbing industry.

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