Plenty of construction jobs for Irish citizens in Canada

There are thousands of Construction Jobs in Canada for Irish citizens. Canada treats everybody in their country as equal, whether or not they are Canadian. Employers are very similar in Canada and Irish people have the same chances of getting a job as the Canadians.

There are hundreds of recruitment websites in Canada each offering a range of different jobs. One of their most popular recruitment sites is jobserve.ca. They have thousands of jobs that are updated on a daily basis in every industry that you can think of! Some of their hottest construction jobs are as follows:

  • A general construction labourer is required in Edmonton to work 40 hours per week in a permanent position. You should have over 2 years' previous experience and be able to provide references from previous employers. This job involves erecting and dismantling concrete forms, scaffolding, ramps and barricades. You will also remove rubble at construction sites. You will be paid $18 per hour for this position.
  • A full time carpenter is required by The Niklas Group in Vancouver. Candidates should have over five years' experience and be able to prove this. Ideally you will have a qualification in carpentry. Your starting salary will be $31 per hour.
  • A concrete finisher is needed in Vancouver. No previous experience is required but is an asset. Your main areas of specialisation will be floor pouring, floor levelling, sand finishing and slab installation. You will be paid $22 per hour in this role.

If you would like any more information about these positions, simply log onto jobserve.ca.

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