Plastering jobs in Canada are providing ideal careers for ambitious tradesmen

A plasterer will hang plaster sheets or apply special cement products to the interior or exterior of commercial or residential properties. They also put up decorative pieces such as ceiling roses, fancy cornices, or strapping. An apprenticeship and trade school certificate will give you the skills and industry recognised qualifications to apply for plastering jobs in Canada.

There is a real shortage of skilled labour in Canada. At the moment there are not enough skilled plasters to meet the demand. It is a real land of opportunity but Canadian immigration can be complicated, so it is recommended you get professional advice. The best place to get accurate information regarding workpermits and visas is the Citizenship and Immigration Canada institute.

Costruction companies in Canada are hiring plasterers on short-term visas or sponsoring them as skilled workers. Candidates can browse Canadian construction company websites for current vacancies. You can apply directly to many of these companies through the jobpage of their websites.

Jobsites such as workingincanada.com and ca.indeed.com have up to date listings of jobs for plasterers in Canada. These sites operate a job search and job by email service to suit individuals skills and requirements.

Recruitment agencies can take some of the hard work out of finding work in Canada and also help with immigration and relocation issues. The Adecco Group Canada is a reputable recruitment agency who specialise in trade jobs. Based in more than 50 locations in Canada they have the experience and expertise to manage your jobseeking process.

Ther are great advantages to finding plastering jobs in Canada. Aside from helping to create something, a plasterer can be very well paid and enjoy a high standard of living. You may have the opportunity to start your own business and if you specialise in a particular area, people will very often come looking for you!



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