Plant Biotechnology Jobs in Canada

The field of plant biotechnology is growing and developing at a rapid rate. All over the world there are research facilities and laboratories dedicated to researching various aspects of this scientific field. Therefore there are a number of plant biotechnology jobs available in Canada and elsewhere, which may appeal to suitably qualified applicants.


Job Opportunities

The vast majority of plant biotechnology jobs in Canada are research based. Succesful applicants can expect to be part of a larger research team, either working for a private company or possibly as part of a university research program. There are a large number of biotech companies located in Canada, who are working on a range of plant biotechnology related projects. While most plant biotechnology work is laboratory based, there is some field work involved also. As this is a very broad and diverse field, the particular roles and their specifications can vary considerably.


Ideal Candidates

Plant biotechnology makes use of both molecular biology and genetics. In order to work in this field, candidates are expected to have a recognised science degree, preferably in biology or chemistry. Specialist qualifications in genetic engineering, molecular biology and plant biotechnology are essential for some positions. Science graduates from other disciplines may find opportunities in plant biotechnology also, if they have specific knowledge or skills that are required by particular research teams.

If you would like to find out more about plant biotechnology jobs in Canada, job listings and employer information can be found at http://www.biotechcareercenter.com/index.html.

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