Install and maintain a new career with pipefitting jobs abroad

A pipefitter is a tradesman who lags out, assembles, fabricates, maintains and repairs mechanical piping systems. An apprenticeship and trade school certificate will give you the skills and industry recognised qualifications to apply for pipefitting jobs abroad.

At present, pipefitters are required to work in Australia, Canada, Europe, Middle East and Africa. Recruitment agencies, jobsites and company jobpages are the best ways to source pipefitting jobs.

In Australia there is a real shortage of skilled labour. Jobsites such as recruit.net and careerjet.com have listings of pipefitting vacancies all over Australia. It is a land of opportunity for pipefitters but strict formalities are required to immigrate to or work in Australia. Recruitment agencies can help with visa applications and immigration issues.

In Canada construction companies are hiring pipefitters on short-term visas, or sponsoring them as skilled workers. Flint Energy Services, Ledcor and JV Driver are just some of the larger companies seeking pipefitters. Candidates can apply for positions using the jobpage of the companies websites.

If you are looking for a recruitment agency to help you find work in Europe, agencycentral.co.uk is a good placce to start. Norway and Germany are two of the better locations for pipefitting jobs at the moment.

The Middle East has always something to offer experienced pipefitters. The United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia and Quatar are some of the busy spots at the moment. Middleeastjobs77.com are constantly advertising vacancies for pipefitters in this region.

Many pipefitters work in the oil and gas industry and sites like oilcareers.com and oilandgassearch.com are an excellent resource for finding work.

Africa is becoming a hotbed for pipefitting jobs. Nigeria, Algeria and Libya are large oil producing nations. Sites such as oiljobrecruitment.com and careersinfooil.com have a variety of pipefitting jobs in Africa advertised.

The world is a big place and pipefitting jobs abroad are on offer in a variety of countries and continents. Prospects and salaies are excellent, so why not start making the right connections.

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