Picking Jobs in Kent: Top Employers

There are several types of picking jobs in Kent, from warehouse picking and packing jobs (currently the most popular picking job) to fruit picking in over 700 areas.


Warehouse Picking/Packing Operatives

Warehouse picking jobs in Kent normally involve the counting and packing of stock according to orders received by the warehouse. Jobs could be with warehouses owned by large retailers or stores, or could be working with logistics/storage companies that carry out picking and packing duties for a variety of companies. Picking and packing operative jobs are mainly full time but this can depend on the employer.

Normally, you won't need any specific qualifications to be a warehouse operative or experience, but you will need to be a good communicator and work well within a team as you will be expected to collaborate with all other workers on the floor to ensure timely delivery of all orders. Salaries for warehouse operatives vary considerably depending on the company.


Fruit Picking Jobs

There are several fruit picking jobs in Kent, some of which are all year round whilst others only operate in the summer. Because of farming land available in Kent many companies tend to use glasshouse tunnels for year round picking, but a lot of companies are only willing to offer seasonal work. Raspberries and strawberries are the most popular fruit in the industry; salaries vary from around £8 per hour to £10 per hour, usually more for seasonal work only.


Warehouse and Fruit Picking Companies in Kent

Pro-Force Ltd (Kent), Hunstead House, Chartham Canterbury, CT4 7PE

Chandler & Dunn, The Farm Office, Lower Goldstone Ash, Canterbury, Kent, England. Tel: 01304 812262, Email: office@chandleranddunn.co.uk.

Robins Packaging, Unit 6A Thomas Way, Lakesview Business Park, Hersden, Kent. Tel: 01227 201806

21st Century Logistics Ltd, Diana House, Bonham Drive, Eurolink Commercial Park, Sittingbourne, Kent. Tel: 01795 427384

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