Have you got the skills required for physiotherapist jobs?

A physiotherapist is a highly trained individual who helps people with severely debilitating physical injuries recover. Physiotherapist jobs are excellently paid positions, with the average salary for physiotherapists in the UK coming close to £50k.

There are several different areas where a physiotherapist may specialise, but almost all physiotherapists must master common areas of patient care.

Patient Assessment

Physiotherapists must accurately diagnose the problems a patient is facing. This is done by reviewing the patient's entire medical history through medical records and asking questions pertinent to the patient's injuries.

Usually a series of tests are also required to identify the extent of the injuries. Tests examining the heart, nerves, muscles and blood are used to obtain an accurate diagnosis.

Recovery Plan

Once the assessment has been properly carried out, it's incumbent upon the physiotherapist to develop a recovery plan. This usually consists of special exercises, massages and traction. It may also be necessary to refer the patient to another professional to receive medicines.


Physiotherapists often have to work with people who are in a very poor emotional state due to their injuries. For this reason, counselling is a very important aspect in physiotherapist jobs. In extremely severe cases, it may be necessary to refer the patient to psychologist.

Entry to the Industry

A bachelor's degree in physiotherapy is required for almost all physiotherapy jobs. Due to the demand for places in physiotherapy courses, the entry requirements are quite high. Three A levels at grades A - C is the standard requirement, while one subject studied should be biological science.

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