The Best Hospitals for Physical Therapy Assistant Jobs in Italy

Physical therapists, or physiotherapists as they are also known, are very much in demand throughout Europe. Finding physical therapy assistant jobs in Italy can be difficult however, especially if you do not know the best employers to contact.

Currently the Instituto Clinicas Humanitas in Milan is one of the main employers of physical therapists in Italy. This institute is both a research and a teaching hospital and it incorporates a surgical day hospital along with a number of operating theatres. The Insitututo is based within the city of Milan itself, and its online job centre can be accessed at http://www.humanitas.it/cms/varie/job_center/.

Another institute which offers employment to physical therapists is the Terme di Saturnia, which is based in Saturnia in Italy. This is not so much a hospital as a medical spa, which offers a number of treatments to promote well-being and all-round health. Many of the procedures available here involve skin rejuvenation and anti-ageing procedures, along with physical therapy. The Terme di Saturnia is located approximately 170km from Rome and the nearest town is Grosseto. Physical therapy assistants can expect to earn upwards of €22,000 per year.

Additional physical therapy assistant jobs in Italy can be found by searching Italian job sites using the keyword 'fisioterpista'. Of course a good level of Italian is a definite asset for those seeking work in Italy, although it may not always be an essential requirement. The Monster job site has a dedicated Italian website, where a number of positions for physiotherapists can be found. It can be accessed at http://www.monster.it/.

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