What are physical security jobs?

What is involved with physical security jobs?

The key to any physical security position is delivering and performing policies which create a safe and stable environment for people in the area. Part of this policy development is ensuring that there are back up plans in place for if things go wrong and that there are people around who are qualified to deal with a whole range of situations. Top end physical security jobs, such as those with the title, "Head of Physical Security" or similar, will be responsible for formulating these policies and managing a team of security experts who will work together to deliver the policies.

At the other end of the spectrum - many would argue where the action is! - there is a wide range of jobs available which deal directly with security issues and threats on the ground. This will usually involve guarding rooms or buildings, checking passes and tickets, dealing with troublemakers, settling arguments or conducting searches for weapons or drug presence.

What do you need to do physical security jobs?

Many security firms will insist on the candidate having a recognised security qualification. This varies by jurisdiction but you can easily find out what you need by checking job adverts in your area or contacting careers advice personnel. There are a number of different qualifications relating to a number of different physical security jobs and tasks, such as being an event security staff member to being a personal security escort/guard. All security staff in the UK require the SIA licence which you can apply for through the Sia.homeoffice.gov.uk website.

Aside from the qualifications you will need a strong but calm character in order to deal with stressful and heated situations and you will also need to be able to speak to a range of different people and show understanding.

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