Work in Pfizer going flacid!

Pfizer, inventors of Viagra have had to cut 2,400 staff from their workforce. They have had to make some ridiculous cuts to staff thanks to a target budget cut of 1.2bn from research. Cameron has had to call on favours from the US to invest in the British market.

This has become a major wake up call for Britain. The pharmaceutical industry is losing it's confidence in Britain and are closing up and head to brighter areas. This could spell huge closures within the sector and Britain are going to have to do everything to avoid this.

Pfizer insist that this doesn't mean the end for their UK operations. they are keeping Walton Oaks, Maidenhead, Berkshire, Aberdeen and Cambridge running and say that this one closure 'is no reflection on the workforce or the operating environment in the UK'.

A lot of people's jobs have been cut and it doesn't instil confidence in the rest of the company. If Pfizer can just slash 2,400 people from nowhere the staff at the other locations must be worried for the security their job offers.

This is a grim sign of things to come, with cheaper labour overseas and economies that are still afloat, who wouldn't flee this sinking ship.

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