Find Jobs in Peterborough from the Comfort of Home with the Job Centre Website

If you're looking for a job in Peterborough, the Peterborough job centre website should be your first stop. Packed with resources to help you find a job, from planning your job hunt to writing a CV, the website also includes information on benefits, careers and has a wide range of jobs which can be searched online.

The Peterborough job centre website forms part of the Directgov website for job seekers, a government internet site which provides information and contact details for the UK's network of job centres.

Search Jobs on the Peterborough Job Centre Website

Thousands of Peterborough jobs are advertised on the job centre website each week, according to the website. You can also search jobs in surrounding areas by specifying the distance from a Peterborough postcode or location.

Peterborough Job Centre Contact Information on the Website

Access telephone numbers to contact the Peterborough job centre, cancel an appointment or find out more information about a programme or service offered by the job centre. The website provides numerous contact numbers, email addresses and online forms to help jobseekers obtain the information they need.

Access Online Help and Advice

The job centre website has pages of guidance to help jobseekers create a relevant and compelling curriculum vitae. Get assistance in planning your job search with career guides, and prioritize your skills and experience to maximize your chances of finding a suitable position. Get suggestions on where to look for jobs, how to deal with recruitment agencies and how to succeed in an interview.

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