Pet store sales advisor: Great part time jobs in the West Midlands

If you have a talent for giving people advice when needed and a love of animals,then maybe it’s time to consider some of the pet store sales advisor part time jobs available in the West Midlands. The hours aren’t too demanding and the pay will cover more than a few bills and groceries. All in all, getting a job as a pet store sales advisor can be a very rewarding experience.

Employment Opportunities

As a pet store sales advisor your employment opportunities will likely be limited to businesses that provide services for pets and your regular pet and pet supply stores. Which employer is best for your particular case will depend on what your preferences are.

Salary Expectations

This is a part time position so it’s to be expected that you would be paid per hour instead of with a set salary. That being said, the money isn’t too bad with pet store sales advisors in the West Midlands making around £6 an hour. For a job that doesn’t demand too much of you where shifts are concerned, this is a nice way to generate a second income and pay a few bills in the process.


Where employers are concerned, you will be working primarily in pet stores or in some cases with stores that provide a service for pets while also having supplies for sale. The limitations aren’t necessarily a bad thing in this case however. Since you’ll be spending a lot of time with pet owners and recommending different products to them, the fact that there aren’t a lot of stores to choose from allows you to really perfect your knowledge base.

People who like applying the things they learn towards helping others tend to enjoy working as part time pet store sales advisors. It gives you a chance to be near animals and meet all kinds of interesting individuals. Consider applying today.


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