Pertinent questions to ask in an interview if you want to get the job

There's an art to asking the right questions during a job interview; an art few people seem to have mastered. That's why, if you're terrified you're going to ask the wrong ones, these pertinent questions to ask in an interview can calm your nerves and help you get that job you desperately want.

Why Did The Person Who Had This Job Leave? - While you may not get an honest answer to this question, the look on an interviewer's face can tell you a lot. If you do get a sincere reply, you'll know if the previous person was fired, promoted or quit. You'll also discover some of the expectations for the job and be able to suss out any potential problems, which could make the job a nightmare for you.

Which Skills are Most Important for the Job? - If you can find out which skills you'll be expected to have, you'll be able to figure out if you'd be a good fit or not, as well as if the job would be a challenge. If the most important skills are filing and answering the phone and you have bigger amibitions, you may just want to pass this one up.

What are Promotion Prospects from This Position? - You don't want to accept a new job then realise there is no possibility of promotion. If you did, it would be a two-year job at most, then you'd be back in the same position you're in now -- job hunting and with almost identical experience.

What Things Need Doing During My First Three Months? - Finding out what is most important for a new employee to do in the position will allow you to hit the ground running, if you get the job, and make a smashing impression. If you'll be on probation for the first 90 days, this can also ensure you keep the job.

Do You Have Concerns About My Suitability for the Job? - This is a great question as you can find out if they're hesitant about hiring you, and use it as a way to address their concerns. If you find out the interviewer thinks you don't have enough experience, you can talk about other experience you have that's suitable. Thus saving yourself the possibility of hearing that you weren't chosen, when you could have easily put their minds at rest with just a bit more information.

What's the Next Step in the Job Process? - Before you finish the interview, make sure you know how the process continues. Reiterate your interest in the position and how you feel you are perfectly suited then, if the next step is a phone call from them, make a mental note to call them before they call you. Showing interest can often get you past the winning post ahead of another similar candidate.

Finally, don't forget to thank the interviewer for their time. The last things you say are what stick in an interviewer's mind. Have them be positive and friendly.

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